Black hard suitcase Samsung

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Claim ID 912
Property Lost Black hard suitcase Samsung
Date Lost Jan 11, 2017
Time Lost 08:59 AM
First Name Dr Helena
Pickup / Drop off Location 171 Ludlow street, NY
Taxi Details
State New York
Additional Information

Lost Black Hard Suitcase Samsung Company.

HACK 05339770
Drop off 09.54 at Kessler Foundation Hospital Saddler Brook, New Jersy
Driver friendly Male age about 28, Black top, Indian originally, Living on Long Island with his parents in a house, interest in Racing and Racing Video games
COMPUTER in suitcase – neuro scientist
reearch information of great value for me in that specific computer Please help me get it back today. Research meeting tomorrow in Boston Spaulding hospital

Medallion 7A51
Trip 1303


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