C-PAP medical device

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Claim ID 46360
Property Lost C-PAP medical device
Date Lost Jun 11, 2024
Time Lost 01:15 PM
First Name David
Pickup / Drop off Location MArriott MArquis Times Square / LGA -Delta Airlines
Taxi Details 7JKP
State NC
Additional Information

A C-PAP} medical device was left in the backseat of a Yellow Taxi 7/11/2024 drop off at approx 2:00 pm.
The trip was from the Marriott Marquis at Times Square to LGA Delta gates. The pickup at the Marriott was approximately 1:15 PM and the drop off was approximately 2:00 PM.

The partial medallion number J7….

The device was in a black zipper case about the size of a laptop computer.

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