Cellular phone spiderman cover

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Claim ID 46213
Property Lost Cellular phone spiderman cover
Date Lost May 11, 2024
Time Lost 02:15 PM
First Name Domenico
Pickup / Drop off Location The Michelangelo Hotel/ American Museum of Natural History
Taxi Details NYC Taxi 1246
State New York City
Additional Information

We are from Italy.
We stay at The Michelangelo Hotel, 152 West 51st street NYC, until tuesday 14 may in the morning.
My son lost his cellular phone on a yellow cab.
The phone has a spiderman cover.
We took the taxi on 11th may at The Michelangelo Hotel at 2.15 pm to reach the American Museum of Natural History at 2.35-2.40.
We payed with a Visa Credit Card no. 4030 …. …. 3304 approx. at 2.35-2.40 pm.
You can contact the Michelangelo Hotel.
We have a phone, but you can contact us only via WhatsApp at +393293529301.
My son’s phone number is +393277488111.
It works only if via WhatsApp, if you connect it to WiFi.
Please try to find the phone!
It’s so important for my son and for us!
We thank you very much!!
Domenico Piccichè

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