Gold locket

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Claim ID 37056
Property Lost Gold locket
Date Lost May 29, 2021
Time Lost 6:27 PM
First Name Lori
Pickup / Drop off Location 1185 park avenue (drop off and where I live)
Taxi Details Taxi 1P10
State NY:
Additional Information

The locket fell out of my hands as I was sitting on the right side of the back seat while we were driving. I heard it hit something and it disappeared. There is an opening between the seat and the door. We removed the seat cushion but couldn’t see it. The driver said the seat has to be removed to find it. He said he had to go to work but would have the medallion co. look for it. It is definitely in there. Please have someone remove seat and look for it. It is a very sentimental locket that my youngest daughter gave to me. I will pay someone to bring it to me. Thank you!

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