iPhone 6 white

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Claim ID 442
Property Lost iPhone 6 white
Date Lost Dec 17, 2016
Time Lost 03:15 AM
First Name Rebecca
Pickup / Drop off Location Pick up at artichoke basilles pizza on Macdougal road. Drop off at 22 west 66th street
Taxi Details
State New York City
Additional Information

Picked up outside of pizza place with 2 boxes of pizza in hand. The phone should be in the back seat of the cab behind the drivers seat. It is a white iPhone 6 with a clear case. The screen is slightly cracked. On the back of the case, there is rubber white cardholder that is stuck to the case. It says KAO kappa alpha theta. The phone is most likely dead. There were 3 girls in the back seat and 1 guy in the front seat. From what we recall the driver was dark skin. The fare was $21.53 with a 20% tip included. It was paid for with a credit card (AMEX). We left the pizza place af 3-3:15 am this morning.

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