Laptop bag + laptop

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Claim ID 993
Property Lost Laptop bag + laptop
Date Lost Jan 14, 2017
Time Lost 12:55 AM
First Name Iiro
Pickup / Drop off Location JFK Terminal 1/ 38 West 36th Street Executive Hotel Le Soleil
Taxi Details Toyota Sedan, medallion number contained number 31
State New York
Additional Information

The driver’s name might have been Luis/Luiz. We took the taxi around 12.15am and it dropped us off around 12.55am. Two passengers, fare was about $60 (flat rate $52 and one tunnel toll when entering Manhattan through Midtown tunnel. Payment was done by cash and we did not get a receipt.

The bag was left probably on the back seat. It contained a macbook pro 13″, charger for it, keyboard and a touchbad, cellphone charger, green powerbank, a bunch of adapters and a pen that says Mattcom on it.

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