Man’s Black leather wallet

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Claim ID 1251
Property Lost Man’s Black leather wallet
Date Lost Jan 22, 2017
Time Lost 3:00 PM
First Name Richard Alan
Pickup / Drop off Location LaGuardia Airport Terminal C // 601 W113th St. NY YN 10025
Taxi Details yellow four door hatchback; Medallion Numeber 4G__ __
State New York
Additional Information

The driver had a south east Asian accent; he was a young man who took our advice to take 126th street instead of 125th through Harlem; When we arrived at Broadway there was a fire or accident blocking street, so we took a detour down to riverside drive and circled Grant’s tomb and then took 116 th to Broadway and then right onto 113.

I paid using my mastercard, but failed to take my reeipt; left wallet on driver side of back seat (on floor?)

items in wallet include: driver’s license, Visa card ending in 2111, Banking card for Chase Bank, Medicare card, silverscript id; United Health Care Id, AARP membershipt card, AA frequent flyer id; Delta frequent flier id; business card for Hile Funeral Home Chicora/Karns City Pa.

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