purple metal glasses blue case

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Claim ID 37484
Property Lost purple metal glasses blue case
Date Lost Aug 09, 2021
Time Lost 11:35 PM
First Name C.A.
Pickup / Drop off Location corner of 59th St. & Lexington Ave. Manhattan / 560 W. 218th. St. Manhattan
Taxi Details Driver: 5298310; Cab: 9V01; Trip: 4677
State NY
Additional Information

At 11:14:24PM I got into the cab at the corner of 59th St & Lexington Ave, Manhattan. We arrived at my location, 560 W. 218th St., Manhattan at 11:35:50PM. Just before I had exited the vehicle, I thought I heard something drop. I did as the driver suggested and checked to make sure I had all of my belongings. I even took a second look at the seat and the floor. It wasn’t until I was in my apartment that I realized I no longer had my reading glasses. My glasses are purple metal rim. They are in a blue case that snaps in the front. The interior of the case is gray. A black cleaning cloth is also in the case.

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